Framesi is a long-established company and a leader in professional hairstyling, with the support of all the people who belong to this big family.

Simply put, Framesi’s MISSION is:
Working for the hairstylist’s success.

As simple as it is, Framesi’s VISION expresses dedication for its customers’ success:
The company that is recommended by its own customers.

The VALUES through which Framesi pursues its goals are:
Total quality, personal relationship, extensive knowledge of the market, tradition, experience, innovation.

Therefore, Framesi’s EFFORTS will be aiming to:

  1. Develop and make high-quality products and services, while promptly and effectively meeting the customers’ needs, in perfect compliance with Good Manufacturing rules;
  2. Constantly improve its Quality System to minimise the impact of nonconforming products, while detecting and correcting the sources of nonconformity to prevent them occurring again;
  3. Achieve and maintain a proper level of staff’s skills, in the sense of the staff’s ability to deal with the company’s technical and managerial problems without improvising, in keeping with the customers’ expectations, through adequate training programmes;
  4. Achieve and maintain a proper level of accuracy through professional commitment and a careful planning of work, in order to meet the obligations taken with or expected by internal and external customers.
  5. Operate in compliance with environmental compliance obligations.
  6. Reduce the environmental impact of one's processes by identifying significant environmental aspects.
  7. Protect the environment by considering significant environmental aspects within one's development and industrialization processes, as well as change management and preventing pollution through adequate assessment of potential risks.
  8. Get the staff fully engaged at all levels, so they perfectly understand the company's quality and environmental policy and actively collaborate in the implementation and maintenance of the quality and environmental management system.
  9. Define quality indicators and environmental objectives based on which improvement plans are periodically verified.

Therefore, the General Management believes that UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 22716:2008 certifications will help achieve such goals. For this purpose, Framesi has built its Quality and Environmental Policy on the following key principles:

1. Attention focused on the Customer, Stakeholders, and the Environment

Framesi is committed to understanding customer needs and plans its activities to fully satisfy them, prioritizing product quality and environmental issues.Likewise, it works to meet the requests and requirements:

  • Of the main market
  • Of the country in which it works, by complying with all the applicable laws and regulations
  • Of all the parties involved in critical processes.

2. Process-based approach

Framesi defines the tasks of its organisations as processes to be planned, monitored and constantly improved and makes the most of its resources to implement such processes. Framesi manages its processes to ensure clarity both at the functional and environmental levels:

  • The goals pursued and the expected results
  • The related responsibilities and the resources invested are perfectly clear.

3. Leadership

Framesi takes responsibility for the effectiveness of its QHSE by providing all the resources required and making sure the planned goals are compatible with the context and the strategic guidelines. Framesi shares the importance of the QHSE and proactively involves all the parties concerned, while coordinating and supporting them.

4. Risk & Opportunity Assessment

Framesi takes a risk-based thinking (RBT) approach to the planning of its processes, in order to implement the most appropriate actions to:

  • Assess and address process-related risks
  • Make use of and strengthen opportunities.

Framesi promotes a proper sense of proactivity in risk management, at all levels. Especially in production, monitoring, storage and shipping, the RBT approach is closely related to the requirements of the GMPs.

5. Involvement of the staff and the parties concerned

Framesi is aware that the involvement of the staff and all the parties concerned, combined with the proactive support of all people, are a key strategic feature. It promotes the development of its own professional resources and a careful selection of consultants in order to have skilled, motivated human resources.

6. Improvement

Framesi constantly strives to improve the performance of its QHSE. A preliminary Risk & Opportunity Assessment of its corporate processes, internal and external auditing schemes, and the Management review are the tools deployed by Framesi to constantly improve itself. The tool chosen by Framesi to pursue its Quality Policy is a UNI EN ISO 9001 ed. 2015- and 22716:2008-certified Quality Management System.

Compliance with such regulations enables us to shape and govern our organisational structure and monitor all the processes that lead to create the products and services provided by Framesi to its customers.

Adherence to the Quality System and Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices, as well as long-term improvement thereof, are ensured by internal and external audits through a regular Management review and the certification by an Accredia certification body.

FRAMESI is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 UNI EN ISO 22716:2008